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Of course, travelling in style comes are cost but Transport Hub focuses on making sure that you get the full value of every cent you spent. If you need an amazing road trip to the airport or transportation for an entire evening to a different town, hiring the right vehicle can be a great deal and more comfortable than ridesharing service.

Though the public transportation in UK is quite impressive, the reality is that it's not made for large groups of people travelling as a single unit. This is because they might be forced to split up from time to time especially if the public buses and other public transportation options don't have enough room for the entire group.

Having to wait for your travel companions before you push off for the next destination would end up creating a huge dent on your perfectly-planned travel schedule. Note that this won't be a problem if you opt for our minibus hire services. Remember, Transport Hub takes pride in outstanding minibus services and also allows its customers to enjoy minibus hire with a driver service.

Transport Hub are the leading private minibus hire providers within the United Kingdom and are the innovators in providing bespoke travel services to each and every one of their clients. Under the umbrella of Transport Hub, we have designated numerous branches in order to cover every area of the United Kingdom, so that we are able to reach every customer, no matter where there are located. One of the main branches of Transport Hub is Minibus Hire London, where a significant number of national and international customers regularly use our services and is by far, the busiest branch of Transport Hub.

Being able to simultaneously deliver high-quality minibuses at competitive prices, with highly trained drivers, and providing personalised travel packages is a unique service to Minibus Hire London: as no other company offers such a complete service with every single booking. Minibus Hire London are the principal private minibus hire providers in London and the surrounding areas. Minibus Hire London have been well-established for over 10 years and have managed to retain the largest customer database in South-East England for many years. Delivering first-rate customer services and complete customer satisfaction with every single booking, Minibus Hire London are the most reputable company in the region. The attention to detail and the outstanding service that Minibus Hire London provide with each minibus hire is simply unparalleled, as it is not easy to achieve. One of the important aspects of providing an excellent service within the private hire sector is to be familiar with the area you are serving. The experience, expertise and knowledge that Minibus Hire London possess of driving in London and the city itself is second to none. This expertise is employed with every single minibus hire: ultimately, ensuring that your journey is safe, comfortable and runs as smoothly as possible every time. The number one priority of Minibus Hire London is to provide a thorough transport service to each client, from start to finish, so that you are always one hundred percent satisfied with your booking and Minibus Hire London are confident that you will continue use our services every time you require a minibus hire.

London is not only the capital of England, but a world-renowned city and attracts approx. 30 million visitors per year, this is excluding the population of approx. 9 million residents. Home to world-famous landmarks and tourist sites such as, Westminster, Buckingham Palace and The London Eye, London is ranked as the most visited city in the world. Subsequently, the availability of reliable, high-quality and cost-effective transport service is absolutely essential in such a busy region of the United Kingdom. Minibus Hire London operate around the clock, all year around, including major and bank holidays. The minibuses that we provide are of the highest standard, regularly maintained and valeted before every journey. The standard minibuses that Minibus Hire London provide are highly comfortable and include features such as, air-conditioning and wheelchair access. They are extremely popular with excursions such as, airport runs, city tours, day trips, weekends away and school and work contracts. The executive vehicles that Minibus Hire London provide are hired on a daily basis for corporate events and meetings, city tours, weddings and other celebrations, a day at the races and other sporting events and for anyone who wants to travel in that added extra comfort. These luxury minibuses include features such as, wider aisles, luggage compartments (available in some standard minibuses too), leather seats, armrests, tables, entertainment systems and WI-FI. Minibus Hire London provide a full range of minibuses in terms of the seating capacity. The fleet includes, 8-seater minibuses, 10-seater minibuses, 12-seater minibuses, 14-seater minibuses and the most popular size of 16-seater minibuses. Minibus Hire London cater for any event or group size, no matter what the times of travel are and mileage. The vast range and the quality of vehicles that Minibus Hire London offer are not available with any other minibus company or maintained to such a high level.

Minibus Hire London assign qualified, licenced, experienced and professional drivers to each minibus. These drivers possess ample knowledge of London, as well as, experience of driving nationally. The years of driving experience that each drive has means that they are always able to anticipate the road and other traffic. They stay alert on every journey and are able to select alternative routes when met with road closures for any reason. The drivers have been highly trained to understand that your safety and comfort is their main priority and that you reach your destination at the allocated times. Minibus Hire London employ booking staff that are highly trained to guide you through the whole booking process and help you organise your full journey for you. The staff will assist you with choosing the right minibus for your particular journey, allocate the best times of travel and pre-plan the best and most direct route to your destination. This level of organisation beforehand is a unique service to Minibus Hire London, as we are well aware of how important your trip is to you. Minibus Hire London regularly transport corporate clients and members of the parliament; hence, we understand how vital it is for each journey to go as planned, especially when there are deadlines to be met and you cannot afford to run late. This is the reason why Minibus Hire London provide a complete travel package and pre-organise every aspect of your trip beforehand, as this eliminates any setbacks on the day of travel.

If you are looking for a minibus hire company that is highly-established and experienced, high standard minibuses, qualified and professional drivers, tailor-made travel packages and all at competitive prices, then Minibus Hire London is the transport service that you require. Minibus Hire London are confident that you will not find a more superior service anywhere else.

Why Transport Hub

Since its inception a couple of years ago, Transport Hub has been offering top quality transportation services to its customers. The company has earned a great reputation because every customer we have ever had a privilege of serving praised our services. Besides, the reviews and pieces of feedback given by these previous clients indicate that Transport Hub offers excellent transportation services.

One of the things that have made Transport Hub a famous company is the fact that we prioritize our clients' travel needs. For instance, our client support team promptly responds to all our customers' enquiries and concerns. Whether you contact us during the day or night to enquire about your booking or any other issue, rest assured that a professional will handle your query or concern within the shortest time possible.

Convenience, reliability, and affordability of transportation services are some of the factors that every traveller consider before hiring any transportation company. At Transport Hub, we understand this fact, a reason we always work towards perfecting our services. All our vehicles are well-maintained. They are inspected and cleaned regularly. All inspections and necessary repairs are carried out by highly trained mechanics. Besides, our fleet features luxurious leather interior, with adjustable seats and entertainment systems.

Transport Hub takes pride in its teams of highly trained, professional drivers, client support, and vehicle maintenance personnel. When recruiting our drivers, we always conduct through background checks to be absolutely sure that we only hire drivers who can offer outstanding services to our customers. All our employees are courteous and respectful. In case you are not sure about the area you want to visit or you need help with your bags, our drivers will be ready to help you.

Explore your favorite destination with style and comfort!

Our staff is on hand with a friendly and professional service for hiring coaches for any event. We have years of experience, built on offering our customers a courteous and professional service regarding all aspects of coach hire.

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