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Coach Hire

We at Transport Hub are cognizant of the need to offer reliable, convenient, and affordable transportation services no matter who the travellers are. Transport Hub is a highly reputable company that has been serving travellers to airports, business conferences, social events, tourist destinations, and other places within the United Kingdom. Therefore, if you are planning a group trip to London, Liverpool, Bournemouth or any other city or region in the UK, you can allow us to take care of all your travel needs.

At Transport Hub, we offer highly reliable minibus hire services. Our minibuses are of varying capacities and in case you are travelling as a larger group, you can opt for our coach hire services. Note that we have a fleet of excellently maintained buses and our drivers are always ready to you and your travel companions to your preferred destination. These vehicles feature highly luxurious interior and whether you are heading to Liverpool to watch football or heading to a business conference, we can guarantee the entire team a great road trip.

The cost of transportation service is one of the crucial factors to consider when looking for a reliable coach hire company. The management team at Transport Hub understands this fact and it's the reason the company has designed a great pricing system. Our prices are affordable and hiring any of our coaches will allow you to make significant savings on your travel budget. Remember, we focus on offering all travellers who choose our services the full value of their money.

Our story began over 10 years ago in our humble London Offices, where the company pioneer had an idea of providing high quality minibuses and coaches, accompanied by highly trained and licenced drivers, as well as, providing unique, bespoke travel packages to every single customer requiring a minibus or coach hire. This idea that began over 10 years ago, very quickly, developed into a huge transport service, reaching every corner of the United Kingdom. Today, Transport Hub are the leading private minibus and coach hire providers in the United Kingdom and our top-position remains unchallenged. The more we dealt with clients, the more we understood the requirements and needs of people within the transport industry. Every time we received a new request, we made sure that the next time, that request was catered for. Our company is formed purely on the demands and needs of our customers, which is why we have been so successful in the private hire sector. The outstanding services that we have continued to provide in every aspect of the private hire industry has attracted long-standing customers from all walks of life. Some of our clients include ITV, Macdonald’s, British Airways, BBC, Hays Recruitment, Shop Direct, members of the Parliament and top international delegates. Transport Hub has the largest repeat customer base in the private hire transport industry, which is a testimony to the high standard of service that we provide. Your safety, comfort and complete satisfaction is at the heart of everything that Transport Hub do.

The quality of the minibuses and coaches that we provide is one the top priorities for us. Transport Hub make sure that every single vehicle is maintained to the highest level and is regularly serviced and valeted. Transport Hub offer vehicles that are available in various seating capacities and specifications. The drivers that we provide are fully licenced, qualified and professional who have ample knowledge of driving nationally and understand the roads and traffic habits very well. Transport Hub employ highly trained booking agents that have the ability and know-how to organise your full journey for you. We assist you with selecting the right vehicle, allocating times of travel and help you in pre-organising the best route for your specific journey. In other words, Transport Hub offer a complete travel service from the time of booking until you reach your destination: making sure that you feel we are with you throughout your entire trip.

Transport Hub are trustworthy, reliable and provide excellent transport services at the most competitive prices. We cater for all journeys, occasions, events, group sizes and times of travel. Whether you require a vehicle for 10 people or 50 people, travel 2 miles or 200 miles or travel by night or day, Transport Hub will accommodate every detailed transport requirement you have and make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for you from start to finish.

If you have never been to the United Kingdom, it may be challenging for you and the other people accompanying you to find the right vehicle to take somewhere you have never been before. That means you can easily lose your way or end up asking for direction from the wrong people. However, you don't have to be afraid of alighting in a totally strange place. Transport Hub's drivers know the road networks in various cities and towns across the United Kingdom. So, these professionals can pick you from the airport and take you to your destination.

At Transport Hub, all our drivers are highly vetted and trained. In fact, our recruitment team always performs intensive background checks on all the individuals we intend to hire. After all, the last thing any traveller wants is to be served by a criminal or someone with intend to harm them. Besides, our drivers are always punctual and respect the traveller's schedule. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be where you need to be at the right time.

If you and your companions want to travel in style, it's time to choose Transport Hub. The company has classy vehicles. The fleet has a luxurious leather interior, top quality entertainment systems, and other great add-ons to make your trip memorable.

Explore your favorite destination with style and comfort!

Our staff is on hand with a friendly and professional service for hiring coaches for any event. We have years of experience, built on offering our customers a courteous and professional service regarding all aspects of coach hire.

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